Steel Inner Lid Pressure Cooker 5 Ltr in Silver Colour


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  • No. of Piece: 1Pc
  • Shape: Round
  • Surface Coating:
  • Item Thickness: 1.2mm Body & Heavy Base Thickness 6mm
  • Item Capacity:5000ml
  • Is Airtight: Yes
  • Description: Nigella Cookers are beaufully craed from 304 stainless steel and proudly adorn classy so-touch handles
  • Strong body construcon with enhanced safety
  • 304 stainless steel does not react with food and never rusts .3-ply base for quick heang. Steel-aluminium-Steel layers save energy and prevent burning of food
  • Make Biryani, Pulao, Curry, Dal, Soups, Rice, Steamed dishes, Cake and so much more
  • High quality gasket with longer life. Electric, Gas and Inducon friendly
  • A perfect soluon for all your daily cooking requirements . Reliable Wonderchef Warranty, T&C apply
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