Spin Mop With Bucket, Stainless Steel Wringer And Mop Hat, 2 Refills,


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Clean Your House Faster: Yes, it™s true! Gone are the days of putting excessive effort in order to force out water from your mop- now you can save time and effort as our Easy-Press system allows you to spin off excess water with only one move; just push the handle against the bucket spinner – mopping made easy for even junior and senior! Splash-Guard Wringer Basket: If you are sick and tired of dirty splash spray on your floors while spin drying in the basket, then our detachable splash-guard stainless steel wringer basket is going to make your day a breeze! Its encapsulated wringer basket prevents all the water splash out and only drains into the bucket, leaves a fresh and clean sensation behind without excessive spatter – what else do you need? Modular Design: One of the best part of this mop is its modular design. All its components are separately available for sale and if required, only a part of it can be replaced and it can be used for many years. Upgraded Stainless Steel Design: All wearing out parts that turns out to be the bottlenecks in other mops life cycle have been made with heavy duty rust proof stainless steel. Wringer and Mop head are both made of steel that gives it longevity and stability.

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