New Fashion Hub Synthetic Leather Classic Top Handel Shoulder Chain Strap Slingbag For Women


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  • MATERIAL: We use the soft high quality PU leather with heavy golden chain sling bag for women for this bag, soft, comfortable, safe, fashionable, it is design to all ladies sling bag sling bags for women bags for women stylish and slim bag for women
  • This handbag is in a classy cream that’s sure to turn heads wherever you go. The versatile design can be carried to both formal and casual occasions. Its sturdy build and elegant design make it a true workhorse for the working woman.
  • You just wear it and can see a gazillion ways to style this bag. It just elevates any outfit because it looks like something that a fashion blogger or writer would wear it at fashion week. IT’s got an editorial and high-fashion look about it.Match any of your styles.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Very versatile and adaptable . This crossbody bags along with metal chain is elegant and compact, It is spacious enough for money, cards, keys and smart phones .One can carry their essentials easily.
  • Fashion City shoulder bag for daily and travel use. Perfect for dating, shopping, working, traveling, vacation, party and other occasions. Because of its good color it can go with pretty much any outfit you can think of, or pair .
  • Daily Use: It is very suitable for storing your wallet, mobile phone, cosmetics, perfume and other daily necessities to keep them organized. You can take it with you anywhere any time.
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